Brightlingsea Port

Brightlingsea Port – What you need to know

Brightlingsea Port (Historic Cinque Port) first opened commercially in 1982 as a local/seasonal port understanding the short sea coastal market.

No commercial operation can exist if not fully in tune with the the local port authorities.   Brightlingsea Harbour Commissioners, take an active interest with the commercial activities conducted through the port. Dialog is key to this working relationship with regular meetings to maintain the standard required.

Wharf Area

Brightlingsea Tides

Port of Brightlingsea Website

The following commodities can be handled at Brightlingsea Port:


  • All types of stones, aggregates, minerals, sand and coal
  • Self discharge vessels welcome


  • Pre slung or large slinged bags – Fertiliser, cement, chemicals, Jumbo bags (can route through covered or open storage)

The Port has sufficient land to offer a user facilities for installation of bagging plants or other like minded projects.


Oliver’s Wharf Limited has a waste licence with EA for the handling of recycled wood chips and baled RDF waste.  They are also able to amend the licence to export SRF and clean washed cullet.


  • Quay – total length 160m
  • Gutway – total length 60m
  • Total square area: approximately 20,300 mm2 (5 Acres/2 Hectare)
  • Shed area: approximately 900 mm2
  • Total square area less shed is approximately 19,400 mm2 (about 4.8 Acres/1.90 Hectare)

Port Restrictions

Brightlingsea is a Spring Tidal NAABSA (not always afloat but safe aground) port meaning ship will go aground.

Spring tides occur twice monthly for approximately one week, separated by low tides (neap tides) also lasting for about one week.

  • Loa (Length overall) up to 95 m on Spring Tides
  • Beam (width of ship) no restriction although prefer max 15.50 m
  • No air draft restriction (no bridges to go under)
  • Loaded draft 4.70 up to a max 5.20 metres on spring tides & about 3.90/4.50 metres on low neap tides.

Type of ship

Ideally low loaded draught on spring tides up to 3500 tons cargo capacity – if cargo of light density then max size about 4000 tons cargo capacity.



Brightlingsea Port has a very positive work ethic, never a negative thought – only solutions.

Working times are very flexible with Saturday morning options for completion of cargo, enabling Shipowners to save down time.

  • Working times 24/7 SSHINC Non Biomass
  • Biomass (EA) Monday – Friday 0700-2300, Saturday 0700-1300

For all enquiries please contact Uniconnection Chartering and Ship’s Agency Ltd and we will do our utmost to offer competitive pricing, along with good service for your confidence to return with additional enquiries for future dates.