MV Icelandica HAV

MV Icelandica HAV

Friday 26th December 2023 

After the MV Wilson Goole left Brightlingsea we welcomed MV Icelandica HAV on the next HW, delivering 2050.500 mts of BB cement for our customer Essex Cement Limited.

Ship’s Facts:

  • Delivering 2050.500 mts of BB cement
  • ESOP 1140 hours (26/1)
  • All fast Port side 0100 hours (27/1)
  • Discharged commenced 0115 hours (27/1)
  • Discharged complete 0400 hours (27/1)
  • Sailed the same day, shift and swing sailed 1210 hours (27/1)
  • A very busy 48 hours for the Port’s Stevedores who excelled and another quick turnaround within 12 hours for the MV Icelandica HAV

Big thank you to Derek Sands and Tony Lopez for their excellent images!

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