MV RMS Ratingen

MV RMS Ratingen

Latest Update:

Under our Agency M/V RMS RATINGEN was anchored NW Knoll area on Thursday, August 31st. Waiting berth to become free at Brightlingsea. A situation arose where the Captain required urgent medical attention. Consequently, arrangements were made to safely transfer the Captain from the vessel. The Coast Guard was contacted via VHF Channel 16 to facilitate this transfer in coordination with a medical team.

After careful consideration, the decision was made to transport the Captain via a Coast Guard vessel to an awaiting ambulance at Clacton, which would subsequently take them to Colchester General – Copford Ward. While initial tests confirmed the absence of COVID-19, there was suspicion of sepsis. It is gratifying to report that the Captain responded positively to treatment and was discharged on Monday, September 4th.

They were successfully repatriated to their home on Tuesday, October 5th. Our sincere thanks to the Coast Guard for their prompt action and Deputy Harbour Master Owen Evans for his assistance for placing onboard replacement Captain.

Pictures courtesy of Derek Sands.