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1 March 2017 / Archive

A busy couple of days with mv Wilson Dublin

A busy couple of days with mv Wilson Dublin inwards with aggregate from Halden (Norway) 1st March outwards with 2...
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27 February 2017 / Archive

Brightlingsea sees arrival of cement

mv Marley inwards with a new trade acct Oliver's Wharf Ltd cement in 1.5 tons Big Bags and pallets with 25...
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16 February 2017 / Archive

Recycled woodchips exported on mv Beaumotion

Export of recycled woodchips from Brightlingsea to Statkraft Emdem - mv Beaumotion fixed by Uniconnection loaded 15/16 Feb
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26 January 2017 / Archive

1&2 scrap for Bilbao

mv Sea Hunter loaded 26/27 Jan 1&2 scrap for Bilbao
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16 January 2017 / Archive

Return of mv Tinno

We welcomed back mv Tinno on 16th January, returning with aggregates from Halden (Norway).
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15 December 2016 / Archive

m/v Ferro returns – welcome back!

m/v Ferro - back again with type 1 + 63/10 sized stone arrived at Brightlingsea from Norway 12th December and...
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30 November 2016 / Archive

First scrap cargo

We welcomed back m/v Torpo - first scrap cargo arrived 30th November 2016
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28 September 2016 / Archive

m/v Ferro – arrived at Brightlingsea

m/v Ferro aggregate vessel number 11 under our agency fixed to load 3121 mts consisting of 3 grades, arrived at Oliver’s...
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4 September 2016 / Archive

m/v Jumbo – our 10th shipment

Sunday 3rd September saw the arrival of m/v Jumbo at Oliver's Wharf, Brightlingsea. 3109,237 tonnes type 1 from Halden, Norway....
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27 August 2016 / Archive

m/v Plato – arrives at Ipswich

We are delighted to announce our next arrival at Ipswich, Suffolk - m/v Plato loaded with 3310 ts Type 1 aggregates....
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